Fine-Tune Your Shower Experience with the Infinity Dial

The Verso Combination Shower features the Infiniti™ dial so you can fine-tune your shower experience, finding the optimum blend of spray types, pressure and coverage. In addition, the Verso Combination Shower has a pivoting rainshower for more shower spray angle options including a flat position, giving a true rainshower experience.
Verso Infinity Dial

Magnetix Handshower Docking

Magnetix uses a powerful magnet that securely docks the handshower so the spray face is always facing forward and water goes only where you want it to. It's an easy and convenient solution for handshowers. Even with your eyes closed, you can dock and undock the handshower with ease.

With the Magnetix docking system, the Verso Combination Shower is easy and convenient to manage. While the handshower can be docked and undocked with ease, the rainshower pivots in place. It enables multiple spray angles so you can choose the ideal position.

Magnetix Verso Magnetic Docking

Get to Know Verso

Two showerheads for a customized experience – The Verso Combination Shower features a three-in-one design, with two showerheads that can run separately or together.

Magnetix creates ease of use – With Magnetix, the Verso handshower is easy and convenient to dock and undock, even with your eyes closed. A powerful magnet guides and snaps the handshower into the dock.

Rainshower pivots, creating different angles – The rainshower is equipped with the ability to pivot so the user can find the ideal angle for the shower stream. This includes a flat position, giving a true rainshower experience.

Smoothly transition between spray experiences – The Infiniti dial allows users to transition smoothly – without pauses – between spray experiences. In effect, it empowers the user to create an unlimited number of options, blending spray types, pressure and coverage.

Pause the handshower anytime – Pause functionality on the handshower allows for greater user control.

Minimize impact on the planet – The Verso Combination Shower employs recycled ocean plastic in the Magnetix dock. It is also available in an eco-performance platform, which reduces water usage by 40% compared to an industry-standard 2.5 gpm showerhead. Both of these features reduce human impact on the planet and further Mission Moen goals.